The arts community at Copeland Park encompass the largest number of businesses. There are over 60 Bussey Studios located in the Bussey Building; small individual art studio units with tenant uses ranging from painters to writers to graphic design to woodwork. Bussey Studio residents also have the opportunity to display any of their works in collectively curated shows throughout the year.

Maverick Projects brought to life two Victorian terraced houses on Copeland Road known as 'Safehouses'. Co-directed by artists Jo Dennis and Dido Hallett, they facilitate filming, photography, exhibitions and a broad range of events.

Bosse and Baum, run by Lana Bountakidou and Alexandra Warder is a gallery which shows cases emerging contemporary art and supporting young artists in Peckham.

The Kiln Rooms is an open access ceramics studio that provides classes, equipment and technical support.