Over 4 days in September, Japanese graffiti art collective THA; artists SUIKOimaone, and FATE; Japan’s leading graffiti writers,  created a mural on the exterior wall of Copeland Park & Bussey Building at 101 Bournemouth Road and 131 Copeland Road, Peckham, as part of the inaugural London Mural Festival.

London Mural Festival (LMF) featured 100+ global artists heading to London to paint 40+ large scale walls across the capital. It included big-name artists such as Camille Walala, D*Face, Marija Tiurina and Seb Lester. A map of the murals is available for download here – https://www.londonmuralfestival.com/map.

Of their mural at Copeland Park, the artists had the following to say.

One Collective: “I’m sure the wall we had is the one of most temperamental ones of all in LMF, at least for us anyway! The wall is complicated; the shape of ‘L’ and uneven, rugged, jagged and irregular, so it was very challenging. However, we came up with an idea of how we could utilise this three-dimensional space into the art using an anamorphic illusion effect, so if you stand at a point on pavement everything lines up perfectly. You can enjoy our mural from any angle.”

SUIKO said, “We manage to create top meal from what ingredients we had. Certainly, we are in a globally hard-hitting situation, but I want to remind everyone that we are shifting through to the New Millenium.”

FATE: “It was cool to jump out onto 3D with this mural. I enjoyed the collaboration and challenge with my mates.”

Imaone exclaimed, “KANPIN for Peckham-made ruggedness!”

Hiroshima-based artist SUIKO is a major player in Japanese street art and his work is recognisable across the world by his signature bubbling shapes, dynamic lines, clouds and vibrant colours. FATE is a contemporary artist based in Japan who rose to fame in 1996 as a one of the youngest Graffiti/Mural artists from the beginning of the country’s explosion of street art. Imaone is a Tokyo based Illustrator and Artist who has exhibited his art around the world.

“LMF is about increasing the amount of public art in London and giving artists a canvas to showcase their work in public. It has been a huge task to make LMF happen this year and we are proud to deliver one of the world’s biggest celebrations of muralism. We hope to foster a sense of pride in our streets and to bring positivity, unity and colour to London.”

Lee Bofkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Global Street Art, the organisation behind the London Mural Festival

There was an open call for artists to participate and LMF received over 500 applications. Local, national and international artists were selected and will showcase their work across the city, with more than 15 nationalities being represented, whilst the majority of murals are painted by UK-based artists. LMF aims to be inclusive in both artwork and artist background.

The new wall mural at Copeland Park & Bussey Building by the Japanese graffiti art collective joins a host of other notable street art already on site: