A unique exhibition, called The Place I Call Home, reaches the Copeland Gallery in Peckham this March as part of a touring schedule that spans ten venues in seven countries.

The exhibition, curated by David Drake, Director of Ffotogallery Wales, features work by 15 photographers and artists from the Arab world and UK exploring the theme of ‘home’ through stories of culture and heritage which challenge stereotypes and shed light on differences and commonalities.

The exhibition has a particular focus on the lives, experiences and opportunities for young people in a dynamic and fast changing world where people are more mobile and globally connected than ever before. The exhibition features film, photography and mixed-media works by Eman Ali (Oman/UK), Zahed Sultan (Kuwait/UK), Abi Green (UK/Qatar), Hassan Meer (Oman), Ben Soedira (UK/UAE), Sara Al Obaidly (UK/Qatar), Mashael Al Hejazi (Qatar), Moath Alofi (Saudi Arabia), Mohammed Al-Kouh (Kuwait), Hussain Almosawi & Mariam Alarab (Bahrain), Ammar Al-Attar (United Arab Emirates), Gillian Robertson (UAE/UK), Sebastian Betancur-Montoya (Qatar/Colombia), Josh Adam Jones (UK/Oman) and Richard Allenby-Pratt (UK/UAE).

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