DemaOne is a Belgian-Moroccan visual artist born and raised in Brussels, he started his exploration of art and identity 30 years ago. His work ranges from calligraphic experimentation using ink and paper, to elaborate 30ft tall murals and has taken him all over the world, from Rio to Dubai. He held exhibitions and workshops in Kinshasa and Dakar amongst other places but spends most of his time organising artistic events and activities for children and teenagers in his hometown of Brussels.

Like many of us, Dema has always felt in between, at the crossroads of various distinct identities and simply refused to choose a side. Each one of his pieces sits at the intersection of calligraphy, graffiti and poetry; Dema not only embraces his intersectionality, he sees it, in all its complexity, as his truest self.

Back Room Open Call

The twenty five successful artists from the Open Call will each host a week-long exhibition in the Back Room.

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