Lieske Weenink

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Lieske’s aim is to create a curious experience for the viewer, as if they have stepped into the artificial private space that shows the future of human kind. The audience is invited to walk on the natural surface and around the installation, observing the monitors which play a different video of a young adult drifting in and out of sleep. The individuals sleepily peer around occasionally in anticipation as though they are waiting for something to happen.

Pairing the organic alongside the digital and including plant life which the audience is able to walk on, brings this work into real time. Our culture teaches us that we never have enough. We strive to make more money, buy more things and not to think about how this overconsumption affects others. In contrast, eco systems embody harmony and balance. Nature calls you back to reality and eases you into the understanding of life and death and a natural lifecycle.

The portrayal of the digitalisation of human life creates an opportunity to experience the dependency we as humans have on technology, as well as the anthropocentric societal view that at all cost we should save human life and the human species as a whole. Being hooked up to machines, trying to achieve permanent comfort and control leads to seemingly dull, meaningless lives.

They are trapped in a constant cycle of usage and it is apparent that the loss of the self is the cost of not being able to be in the physical world anymore.

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