‘My practice centres on creating abstracted architectural spaces through the reinterpretation of buildings. My paintings isolate and glorify the make-up of shapes that surround us, praising aspects of commonly used space that may be passed by.

I am drawn to the everchanging appearance of a cityscape; adjacent contrasting architectural styles, austere facades, and looming glass towers. The paintings are interpretations of sites I have a connection to; meeting points, landmarks that mark the start of an onward journey, buildings that inform me I’m nearly home. The titles of the work form a narrative for the sites in focus.

Capturing architecture in the evening light, I aim to catch a fragment of the inherently familiar as a means to highlight the simple beauty of a routine. Thin washes are gradually built up to create depth and colours are enriched and exaggerated to further disguise each original identity; mimicking the inevitable changes that occur, much like the process of creating an actual building.’

Back Room Open Call

The twenty five successful artists from the Open Call will each host a week-long exhibition in the Back Room from March to September 2020.

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