Nadine Shabhan

Nadine Shaban has been making art in some form from a young age, and around the age of 15 it started to really take over. She works across painting, sculpture and performance, manipulating found materials, often industrial and synthetic,

‘When life around me is falling apart I hold it together with whatever is in reach; glue, tape, thread. And consequently pull it to pieces when I need to. Stillness not being a satisfying state.’

The project starts with some drawings that were created by Nadine’s brother, Karim. They were found by his support worker several years ago who at that time showed them to his daughter who was studying fine art. She started to develop them, but a few years later commited suicide. Nadine has always wanted to find a way to show this work. The drawings are fascinating and have inspired her to explore new ways of bringing them to life. So the show will be a collaboration between the three of us.

Back Room Open Call

The twenty five successful artists from the Open Call will each host a week-long exhibition in the Back Room.

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