Encounter is pleased to present Artist Rooms opening on Wednesday 21st October at Copeland Gallery in South London. The show, which celebrates the third edition of this critically acclaimed annual project, marks Encounter’s first exhibition of each of the participating artists.

The concept is deceptively simple. Four distinguished international contemporary artists. Four distinct rooms in which to create an engaging exhibit or installation. Juxtaposing nuanced and diverse visual languages, Artist Rooms 2020 provides each participant an opportunity to innovate and assert their individuality as practitioners. From the installation of a precariously balanced folding boat (circa.1900) through to meditative sculptural portals and poetic assemblages of found textiles, the multidisciplinary works on display make for a rich viewing experience.

Judge’s room brings together a previously unseen group of plaster and pigment works sitting on an unstable edge between painting and sculpture, image and illusion. The artist employs this intriguing new medium as a means to explore themes of technology and spirituality whilst also echoing histories of abstract image making in India.

Alongside her widely acclaimed paintings, sculptures and installations, Teplin brings to her room a new body of watercolors made during the recent lockdown. Interrogating the field of expanded painting the artist’s layered works explore the medium’s complex relation to historical quotation, labour and cultural politics.

Marking Tsioris’s first UK exhibition, his presentation spans painting, printmaking and sculpture. Concerned with accumulation and erasure, Tsioris’s ‘line languages’ cut into the personal and dance across the allegorical to carve out an intriguing visual vocabulary bound up in the corporeal and the symbolic.

McVeigh brings together significant objects from her personal collection and ink on paper paintings created during a residency in China. Concerned with ‘the archaeology of memory’, McVeigh sensitively intervenes into found objects and conjures ancient landscapes continuously exploring the notion of history as a channel for our personal and collective memory.

Artist Rooms will run until 3rd November 2020. At a moment in which physical ‘encounters’ with contemporary art practice have become ever more scarce and necessary, this ambitious project is certainly not one to miss.

If you are able to book an appointment prior to your visit that would be appreciated so we can manage social distancing. We have worked to make the gallery a Covid-safe environment and look forward to showing you the exhibition. Please book from Encounter Comtemporary Artist Rooms website.

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