Jan Hendzel Studio and Fels presents Against The Grain, a collaborative exhibition in Peckham’s Copeland Gallery to showcase the work of talented and reputable designers and studios creating beautiful objects in unexpected mediums with sustainable principles.

After the acclaim of their group show, Where Things Land Down, Fels appear at LDF alongside Jan Hendzel Studio to co-curate a space which celebrates some of the innovative practices and material journeys being explored in contemporary design. From raw material to finished piece, sustainably driven processes will be championed as creative decisions and experiments surrounding function and production are uniquely exhibited.

Jan Hendzel Studio’s own representation builds on the success of their Bowater Collection with a body of furniture pieces showcasing some of the key joinery details found throughout their bespoke works. Presenting new functional elements whilst maintaining the sculptural precision of the studio, Against The Grain offers an insight into the meticulous craftsmanship of the studio’s distinctive furniture.

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