A mini art festival held as a month-long takeover at Copeland Gallery.

By artist and curator Sani INxSANIxTY to celebrate Black History Month.

Fashion Week, 1-7th Oct

The festival showcases a fashion week 1st-7th October, which hosts 6 Independent designers set up pop-up shops in the Gallery as well as a fashion exhibition intended to create dialogue, teach and highlight significance in regards to black people and what we understand as fashion.

Art and Workshop Week, 8-17th Oct

The 8th-17th of October would be the first Art and Workshop week which would host Obsidian, a group exhibition featuring 12 artists of Afro heritage, various workshops, a panel discussion, live painting and even a Game Night to go hand in hand.

Terrific or Terrified exhibition, 17-30th Oct

The 17th-30th of October would host the last event “Terrific or Terrified” a solo exhibition by Sani INxSANIxTY exploring the complexity of change in relation to time, feelings in connection with words and duality as a subject matter of identity.

And finally, throughout the month, the weekends would be carefully curated with themed music performances.

Entrance is free, but please book a ticket beforehand through EventBrite.

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