COHESION features the work of second year BA Photography students from London South Bank University. A diverse group from all over the world, including the UK, EU, South America and Africa, .COHESION encapsulates our personal perception and exploration of the notion of “water”. We will tap into concepts of the anthropocene and climate change. Other topics we will look into are the relationship with a watery place, water and spirituality.

The way in which we all think and connect with water, as we construct our relationship with places, people, environments and communities in a variety of manners, has been the guiding theme of the exciting exhibition we have been working towards.

Each of us has translated our unique and diverse interpretation of the themes. Some of the artists in the show have incorporated water imagery in the pieces, while others have been exploring how water can create abstract images or interpreted the water theme as something conceptual. Some of our emerging artists will be exploring ideas including the soul, identity, insecurities and many other subjects with which they have made a connection.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our exhibition which will be held on December 7th 2021 at the Copeland Gallery.

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