We are excited to announce the first ever Intoart Collection Exhibition ‘An Octopus with Boomerangs.’ The exhibition, and accompanying publication, premiere works from the collection, providing an insight into the vast range of work produced in Intoart’s studios.

While no thematic prevails, work is characterised by material and formal exploration across art, design, poetry and fashion. You will see dream-like evocations of other worlds and unruly versions of this one: lyrical depictions of nature, vivid abstractions and experimental portraiture.

The artists are world-makers twisting visual culture into their own inimitable styles. Work veers from the elegantly precise to the expressively gestural and is marked by a lightly anarchic attitude towards discipline and genres.

Visit the exhibition, buy the book and, in the words of Andre Williams, ‘Change Your Mind.’


Andre Williams | Aysen Aktu | B Taylor | Christian Ovonlen | Clifton Wright | Danielle Green | Dawn Wilson | Ishaq Beckford | Jordan Moody | Kevin Jacobs | Lisa Contucci | Lisa Trim | Luigi Lollobigida | Mawuena Kattah | Nancy Clayton | Nick Fenn | Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye | Ruth Alemayehu | Philomena Powell | Samuel Jegede | Stanley Galton | Uduehi Imienwanrin | William Mukui | Yoshiko Phillips

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