Works from the MA Documentary Photography Programme at The University of South Wales, join together the known and the unknown, in methods of collective insight.

The visual maps, evidence processes and concepts, harnessed from around the globe. “Research is at the core of most works, synthesized into coherent narratives, addressing a myriad of personal, yet universal issues. The projects don’t seek to answer questions from a position of superiority, but instead respectively observe what life itself might suggest as questions for us, both conceived and amorphous in structure. Much of the work confronts assumptions and traditions created by those in power, and the consequence of irreparable damage amidst looming ecological collapse. An Atlas ‘threads’ locations together to create a universal outline, a whole identity. Zoom in and the frailties in many societies and systems become evident. How we think, feel and relate to the world, does not have to be pre-determined by history and alternative views and differing opinions need to be reflected upon. This year’s graduates attempt to promote a more shared, and enlightened future.”

Curated by Lisa Barnard and Vivienne Gamble.

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