Join us for the Forum. A space where everyone’s opinions can be heard. This month in collaboration with The Palace of the Dogs.

Dope Black Queers is an space for and by the Black LGBTQIA+ community, to provide grounding, connection, and to feel seen & heard.

The Forum follows a Town Hall Meeting format, less like a panel, but more of an open floor discussion.

This is an event where we can really go there and talk about the things that matter to us, to raise questions and find answers both for ourselves and for others.

Our specific life experiences give each of us different perspectives, and that is what we want everyone to come and share, because it is in the specifics that we can relate and build community.

Whilst participation is encouraged, no one is made to share if they don’t want to.

But the more interaction, the more there is to learn.

Come, meet new people, build a community, and share your perspective. This month’s topic is Diaspora & Home.

This event is exclusively for the Black LGBTQIA+ Community! (Allies are welcome to purchase a Pay it Forward ticket or Donate to support our work).

This month we are collaborating with the incredible The Palace of the Dogs, a platform that seeks to redirect the purpose of art in our society and document decolonial practices through arts and media. The collective, established in 2019 have produced films, media, events and exhibitions to support the community’s black social political voice through creativity and now believe building a physical space in a fast changing Peckham community will PUT BLACK INTO THE COMMUNITY.

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