Loving your weekly yoga class, but wishing it was longer? Keen to introduce a home practice to your daily schedule, but unsure where to start? Considering training to become a yoga teacher, but lacking the confidence? Then join us for this unique 2 days of workshops with regular Yogarise teachers, Rebecca Bradley and Rishin Paonaskar as they take you on a journey through all that is yoga, taking your practice beyond asana.

This course offers you the opportunity to take your yoga practice deeper


It is ideal for Yoga students who want to gain more understanding of topics that aren’t often covered in regular weekly classes. Whether you want to complete further training or just for personal development then his course will empower you to gain more awareness of your body, breath, and mind.

It is ideal for all participants to have a minimum of 12 months of regular class attendance/experience with a suitably qualified yoga teacher. Participants are welcomed from all yoga backgrounds.


Each day will be led by either Rebecca or Rishin and will begin with a led asana practise based on that day’s theme. Each practice will include a visit to the Asana lab, where peak and often complex poses are broken down to ensure they are fully understood, offering modifications so everything is achievable.

The mid-morning lectures will cover history, philosophy, and the subtle body. The afternoons will include practical sessions delving deeply into different breathing exercises and kriyas. Each day will finish with a calming, quietening Yin, Nidra, or restorative practice, and an appropriate meditation.

Each day has plenty of time for Q&A, journaling, and group discussion.


– Asana and breathing practices.

– Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga Nidra.

– Group discussions.

– Lectures and teacher-led discussions.

– Small group work.

This course is an in-person course, however if you are unable to attend one date there is the option to join via live-stream or to catch up with a recording.


By the end of the sessions you will have had an opportunity to:

– Develop and maintain your own personal home practice and integrate self-practice into your daily life.

– Understand the historical context of yoga.

– Gain confidence working on breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques on your own.

– Explore one of the classic texts on Yoga, the Yoga Sutras, and see how it remains relevant to today’s yogi.

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