Join Yogarise for a floor yoga workshop with Lolo Lam – two hours where you will explore a completely floor-based practice. The aim of this workshop is to show that we can work and connect with all parts of our body without having to come up to standing at all.

On those days where the earth element is in full force and your energy is perhaps not at its best you can still practice, working on strength and space but without the intensity of a standing flow. Taking out the element of standing balance can really make your body feel more accessible. How often are you so focused on not falling on your arse that you find yourself less able to work on the other bits of a pose?! Standing practice is important and can be wonderful but some days we just need something different.

Often practice on the floor is synonymous with restorative and yin type practice but we can actually be a lot more active while still benefiting from the support of the ground.

In the workshop we will look to move the spine in all directions and move the joints through all their ranges, working a little bit at end range where appropriate, feeling into mobility, and observing how our mind can be really focused-in and calm.

During this practice you can expect to feel a little more in control of your body as we use the ground for reference and support. We’ll be using a combination of gravity, active engagement, resistance and passive movements.

Expect to be lying down on your back and front, sitting, kneeling, all fours, and maybe just a few sneaky short down dogs at worst! There will be available props and varying options for all levels.

About your teacher…
Lolo Lam is a former nurse, has studied Ayurveda, and is a Senior Yoga Teacher of almost 15 years. Lolo is a Guest Teacher (with modules on Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda and Asana Lab) on both the 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings at Yogarise. She is also joining Yogarise at Wilderness Festival.

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