Feel it, hear it and resonate with it! Let every single orchid lead you home. Trace your treasures in the amazing maze!

Maize Maze: Immortality Experiment, is a timely and collaborative exhibition that offers a glimpse between the virtual and the real worlds, providing a foothold for us to capture the new aesthetic of digital technologies inhabited in the artworks. Working with the mixed/multiple art forms of painting, print, jewellery, fashion, to sculpture, performance, new media, and interactive installations, these contemporary artists are attempting to explore the potential consequences of what art is and what it could be.

The concept of the exhibition is inspired by a phenomenon that appears and disappears naturally – maize maze. This half-natural, half-artificial phenomenon stimulates the artists with an image of maze-like structures in ancient Egypt, and also simulates this temporary exhibition. The artists are attracted to this symbolic representation of the journey to the afterlife depicted on tomb walls and chose to use this idea as a lens through which to spectacle the transformation intergrowth with digital technologies.

Maize Maze brings together a group of artists who are navigating these new dimensions. From a vibrant oil panting generated from a digital sketch to real objects created in collaboration with the digital code, this exhibition explores contemporary issues around body-physicality, uncertainty-randomness, humanity and machinability which is raised by digital technology. As a result, culture and technology are seamlessly explored in an artistic experimental practice.

This exhibition is curated by Zinnia Wang.

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