Want stronger yoga inversions? Have you ever been in class where others are practicing inversions and you wanted to try but weren’t sure how? Join Yogarise for a 4 week course with Leah Bush to learn how to confidently practice upside down.

Leah will lead you through 4 weeks of foundational yoga inversions with a different focus each week. Leah teaches from an alignment and drill-focused place and will help you build your upside-down shapes from the ground up, giving you the skills and drills to practice not only in class but also at home.

This 4 week course is designed to help you build a strong foundation to your yoga inversions practice. The classes will be fun and casual with the space for you to explore new shapes in a safe and supportive space.

Week one:
Understanding the biomechanics of inversions.
Starting simple in week one we will look at shoulder stand and headstand inc. tripod headstand and how we move through this shape in practice.

Week two:
Pincha Mayurasana – Forearm Stand
Understanding the Push
Straight line Pincha, kicking up to the wall and in the middle of the room, how to safely bail, alignment and drills

Week three:
Keep pushing
Straight line handstand
Understanding how to push… more. The shape and use of the hands and fingers on the ground, kicking up and how to bail.
Alignment and drills

Week four:
Transitions and funky variations
How to apply the push to float forwards and back
Funky headstands and forearm stands
Questions & Answers!

£70 for 4 Sessions

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