Join Yogarise for a nurturing and creative yoga workshop and sound bath hosted by local yoga/sound meditation teacher and artist Lou.

Many of us wish to tune in to our true nature and allow creativity to flow — but all sorts of internal and external things seem to get in the way. This workshop is designed to support you to unblock, unlock and unfurl the voice of your inner wisdom and creativity.

Landing softly into a deeper state of relaxation, you’ll connect with the felt sense of our creative longing and the blocks we experience. You’ll also drop into an open-hearted space of openness, curiosity and compassion — a space quite distinct from our everyday routines and habit patterns.

The workshop will cover:

– Intuitive embodied movement and breathwork
– Befriending blocks/resistance to flow
– A dreamy sound bath (with voice, gong, bowls & more) and an opportunity to experience your unique vibration
– Space to reflect and connect

Sound meditation is restorative, therapeutic and illuminating. As the sound waves resound and vibrate with your whole being, brain waves are guided into dreamy, mystic states which can unlock intuition and imagination.

Lou loves weaving sound sessions and guiding soothing practices to tune in, come home and spark possibility. She is especially interested in creativity, community, empowerment, mental health and healing. You are welcome just as you are.

Bring a journal/notebook and pen/colours if you wish.

£30 for 2 hours

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