“A barber’s tools are gardener’s tools in miniature, and so a barber’s gestures can be compared with those of a gardener.” Vilém Flusser

Engaging with the material worlds surrounding us modulates how we think and act. How do our social and cultural everyday environments form our thoughts and actions?

Eight art scholars funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have taken outside perspectives, observing and documenting but also actively taking in their shared environment: London. At the DAAD Art Show 2018 their recent artworks invite you to shift outlooks: Immerse yourself into a non-human view point, let musical narratives guide your visual perception, alter the focus to the secondary objects surrounding you, mingle conflicting systems of knowledge, find pleasure in the ordinary…

The presented artworks range from the fields of performing arts, visual and audiovisual arts to conceptional and computational design.

Agata Bara, Norman Behrendt, Leo Bieling, Mathias Hartmann, Rebecca Martin, Ellen Möckel, Barbara Mueller, Johanna Schmeer

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