In the past we have had pop-up food events in the summer. With the spacious Copeland Gallery and outside spaces, other pop-up food events and small out door festivals are a possibility.

The NINES is a bar,restaurant and cafe placed right in the centre of Copeland Park. They offer a great mix of drinks and bites, perfect spot to relax after work.

Nims Kitchen serves West African cuisine to the locals of Peckham. T

Forza Win run communal food banquets for any lucky person that can reserve a seat. Cooked over wood and all locally sourced, the 'Dispensa' is a much needed addition to eateries in Peckham.

Office Space

Office Club is calling all freelancers, creatives and start-ups, who wish for a new co-working space. Office Club members will each have their own personal desk, super-fast broadband, access to a private meeting room, office amenities, social areas, kitchen.


Peckham Pictures design and creates all sorts of picture frames.


Seabass Cycles specialises in custom builds and restored bicycles and have a show room and workshop located in one of the many warehouse units that surround the Bussey Building.

Electric Pedals run cycled powered cinemas and other events using the Bussey Building their office, workshop and storage space.