Artist Eleanor Wemyss uses pen and intricate lines to translate concepts and methods from varying industries, such as engineering, architecture, olfactory and music production. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010, Eleanor’s work has been influenced by social history.

She has taken abstract architectural plans and maps from various periods throughout the last two centuries and is concerned with the geometric shapes formed by these urban areas. Eleanor’s pieces can also be presented in situ, often in a large series of works that connect together.

Her Puzzlebeats project, with music producer Johnny Fever, re-imagines and re-interprets 1970s soul music, exploring the practice of MPC sampling through visual art using a combination of gouache watercolour, pen and collage on wood. The piece seeks to offer the local community an insight into production techniques.
Her piece The Science of Perfume fuses perfume formulation and art and comprises 50 coloured panels each with a background colour representing raw material and its formulae bond on top. Without a key, participants choose three colours they are drawn to and taught to combine them to make a perfume. The idea behind the work is to show how relevant science is in everyday things and the relationship we have with our senses and how they are all linked.