Unit 3 at Copeland Park plays host to a church group committed to propagate the word of Jesus Christ. Holy Emmanuel Church of Christ is registered with the Church of England of Wales and welcomes everyone who follows the five pillars of Christ.

It works with Southwark Council Community Council’s faith group and, whenever any one in the church needs assistance, this fellowship helps out the community with money, clothes, charity involvement, counselling and via its Bible Studies network.

To transform and bring Christ into the lives of the community, it holds events that combines its youth, men and women’s ministries with an advisory bureau, which visits youth centres, prisons and hospital to pray for the needy.

The biggest event is its annual harvest / thanksgiving event which takes in 7 days of ministration that includes charity & hospital visits, youth programmes, a healing reviver, the various youth & adults ministries, prophet and prophetess days and speeches. On the final day, several churches from US, Nigeria travel to London and pray en masse, to worship the Holy Emmanuel Church of Christ fellowship together.

The regular weekly programme welcomes all races, creed and colour; Tuesday is Prayer Warrior, Wednesday has a Shiloh programme, Thursday sees the Men’s Ministry out in force and the Friday night service, which includes anointing and praying, holds night vigils (Gethsemane Night, 11pm-3am). At the weekend there is Saturday choir practice and a regular devotional service on Sunday (11-3pm) – marking events for people from all walks of life to congregate and say prayers together. Amen.