The spirit and playfulness of a 1970s childhood steeped in outdoor exploration with very little screen time is alive at iwishiwasa… With her background in costume and textile design, Tamsin Thorne realised a gap in the market for well-made kids’ costumes so she created a collection of dress-up clothes with a difference.

Understanding that kids love to inhabit other characters, and seek freedom via creative play, iwishiwasa helps recreate those endless sunny days where time stretched on infinitely and you would climb trees, make dens and forge brave new worlds.

The mix-n-match range helps little ones’ harness their imaginations while the original, fun, durable and ready-to-wear costumes satisfy a thirst for adventure. With a parental focus on aesthetics, quality and design, iwishiwasa…. also sidesteps gender divisions with pieces suitable for girls and boys alike. The costumes enable kids to get dressed without help from grown-ups, allowing them autonomy and time to get on with the very serious business of playing.

Iwishiwasa is a homegrown British brand that uses high quality materials, a small team produces batch runs of each product that are mostly finished by hand at their Bussey Building studio. A dedicated team of small people then put each costume through its paces, if met with squeals of delight, the team know they’re on to a winner. Such dedication means people will keep and treasure iwishiwasa’s hardwearing, hard-playing, heirloom pieces forever.