A socially conscious, LGBTQ-inclusive, non conformist safe space for lovers of ink, ‘activism’ and subverting established art practice – K-Ink is a tattoo studio with a difference.

Founder Rick Kightley’s background in live events and nightlife logistics led him to this current venture. As a live body-based performance artist, where audience members would tattoo words on him, Rich learned that the artform had more scope than its general confines. Running events and meeting artists and thinkers at the Bussey Building and elsewhere eventually led him to open K-Ink.

Operating an inclusive policy, K-Ink has an array of emerging London talent working with clients to create bespoke skin art that they’ll cherish forever. One of London’s top platforms to champion upcoming talent, the studio also showcases guest artists such as Italy’s Lady Bonsai who come in and share their skills with other inkers.

By fusing community art practices with tattoo culture – while keeping up with future-forward trends in LA, Toronto and Berlin – K-Ink is a tattoo studio at the cutting edge of the artform as well as a place to make new friends and engage.