Sake is known as the strange warm liquid served at the end of a noodle meal but for Tom and Lucy Wilson, Japan opened their eyes to the smooth and exotic elixir.  Initially brewing it at home in their spare room, the hobby turned into a labour of love when they launched Kanpai in June 2017. Having been been based in a tiny industrial Peckham unit, the craft brewer are expanding and setting up shop in Copeland Park, opening in September 2018.

A versatile, clean, and unique drink, many Londoners now like to sip it smoothly at the end of a working day or enjoy it over any cuisine with friends. Namechecked as “the UK’s first sake brewery”, Kanpai London launched in London’s Selfridges and is inspired by the 1,300-year art of making Japanese rice wine. In a nod to the big smoke, the bottle’s label even features a silhouette of the London skyline with a blood red, rising Japanese sun behind it.

Tom and Lucy’s take on sake is full-bodied and dry with signature notes such as apple, melon and bubblegum. Kanpai – ‘cheers’ or ‘dry your cup’ in Japanese –  spent time sampling, experimenting, and producing many different varieties of sake. Best taken fresh – the closer to home it’s made, the better.

Kanpai’s sensuous sake is made from just four ingredients: rice, water, yeast and koji (a magic mould also used to make things such as soy sauce) and the process isn’t the easiest but the results are worth every sip. Be sure to try their sparkling sake ‘Fizu’, made in a Champagne-style secondary fermentation in the bottle, the perfect aperitif.

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Opening Hours

  • Friday 17:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday 12:00 - 22:00


Find Kanpai

Unit 2A-2
Copeland Park,
133 Copeland Road,
Peckham. SE15 3SN


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