Based in her Copeland Park studio, Kirsi Enkovaara is a Finnish multidisciplinary designer and artist who graduated from the Royal College of Art, Design Products in 2014.

Kirsi was always drawn to an exploration of how nature organically creates shapes and systems. Recently she has been interested on how people shape their environment with the presence of their body and finds “beauty in accidents, abstraction and organic things“. She explores these themes in her projects in a variety of different ways; exploring natural patterns, human behaviour and shapes created with our body.

Kirsi Enkovaara’s graduation project from the Design Products course at London’s Royal College of Art was, in fact, called The Body and she envisaged and designed it to encourage people to reevaluate how they sit. In 2018, she curated a Somerset House late-night event for Valentine’s Day called By The Deep, By The Mark: Take Me To The River that sought to illustrate the interaction between invisible meeting points and the built environment that surrounds us.

She has also exhibited extensively through Europe and also recently showed her work at Helsinki Design Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, while front-runner publications such as Dezeen, Wallpaper*, Interni and Frame Magazine have been quick to get on the case by featuring her work.