Mark was trained at the Royal Academy Schools and his work is in a line of traditional figurative painting. He has been influenced by many painters throughout the history of art including Caravaggio, Goya, Turner, Degas, Sickert and Hopper. Having painted professionally for over thirty years, Mark has sold his work to a large number of private and corporate patrons and collectors in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Europe, Japan and Morocco.

He has exhibited continually in solo and mixed exhibitions throughout his professional career and has undertaken many and varied commissions, including original artwork for the Orange BAFTA film awards. In 2014 Foreman’s Smokehouse Gallery held a retrospective of his work comprising 80 pieces of work, showing his development as an artist from his student days to date.

Working predominantly in oils or acrylic & ink, Mark’s paintings and drawings are characterised by compositions where the human figure is present; the key elements in his pictures are light, space and movement. Although this may be considered ‘traditional’ in one sense, his images are contemporary; the current subject is principally the ever-changing London skyline, focusing on Peckham where he has lived for 26 years.

His paintings encapsulate the evolution of the neighbourhood, where he documents different stories as people interact with each other, in the streets, cafes and bars. He is a well-known face out sketching in the streets, he will then return to his studio (where he has been for over 15 years) to finish his paintings.

As well as working on urban landscapes, every year he travels to India where the subject matter changes from city to coast. He also works with a family media firm McKay Williamson producing unique family portraits. At the beginning of this year he set up Peckham Art School with his wife to teach a variety of art classes in Peckham & South East London.

Portrait photo © iBRODIEfoto