Nkdware is a ceramics and homeware brand on a mission to make homeware retail more transparent. Our goal is to create unique objects that carry the stories of their origins. We welcome you to join our journey to explore the providence of objects from crafts communities all around the globe.

“NKDWare is a brand in its early stages, born out of a desire for change. At the heart of the brand is a passion for people, creating opportunities for small makers and enriching consumers with design stories and knowledge. By exposing layers of invisible labour, the production process is humanized to the outside world. «Due to the global pandemic we are thinking much more of humanity and people in general», as we realize our communities, economies and planet are much more fragile than we had anticipated. The way we talk about design is changing,«beyond sustainability we are talking about kindness and equality» and this is the future of successful retail.”
Sian Lori, Lampoon Magazine, October 2020 about NKDWare