Purveyors of fast fashion and constant Ubers should look away now as here’s a stylish womenswear brand with a difference. A fashion brand for women who ride, No Such Thing was born of a need for stylish, technical women’s cycling clothing. It recognises that there’s a way to arrive by bike, particularly during a downpour, without looking like a ‘drowned moggy’.

The brainchild of fashion designer Clare Farrell, No Such Thing launched in 2014 and presents its own trans-seasonal style collection as the ultimate solution to personal wardrobe issues when you’re a regular London cyclist. As a lecturer in sustainable fashion, ethics and activism, and as product developer for clients in the sustainable, high street and luxury sectors – Clare’s busy schedule means she’s always on-the-go. With time spent cycling from work to social events, Clare’s found her personal collection of coats and jackets were soon redundant and that a waterproof men’s bike jacket started dictating her ‘look’.

Most waterproofing technology is environmentally problematic and often toxic. No Such Thing has researched and sourced materials using alternative technology, click through here for more info on its fabrics and manufacturing.

Its fishtail trench coat was the initial piece No Such Thing developed and now the range has been developed to compliment it. The collection is inspired by ongoing and extensive research into technical materials, textiles and environmental science and has been tested on many hard-going cycle rides. No Such Thing is conscious about style and sustainability and its range can be viewed as a response to the fast-paced, wasteful nature of the fashion industry, designed to meet needs, instead of creating them.

No Such Thing’s collection of waterproof tailoring and high-vis wardrobe essentials is also designed to prove that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.