When Francesco and Tatiana came up with the idea for Oi Spaghetti, they wanted to go it alone as a pop-up. But when they got to Copeland Park, they felt welcome and fell in love with a place with such community spirit.

Already based In Peckham, Francesco and Tatiana were desperate for a restaurant that served wholesome, affordable Italian food and took matters into their own hands by launching Oi Spaghetti in 2015. Their bijou space offers simple, delicious and healthy pasta (with vegan and gluten free options). At Oi, traditional Italian foods get a modern twist, as showcased in combined ingredients such as pasta with anchovies and avocado.

Francesco and Tatiana are mindful to organic ingredients and animal welfare – the meat they source is from local, ethically minded Bellenden Road butchers Flock & Herd. This conscious approach is not the main draw however. Oi Spaghetti’s success is in equal measures down to sheer gastronomic pleasure, Francesco’s consummate hosting and the atmosphere – largely down to Tatiana’s great eye for interiors, light, furniture and textiles.

With walls bathed in dark olive, pretty foliage and great music, over the last 3 years Oi has created a vibe that leaves people feeling relaxed and replete. Oi Spaghetti is a popular, culinary oasis in the heart of Peckham’s cultural quarter – on any given night, booking via Facebook is recommended as there are only a few seats to be had at this restaurant with a loyal and ever-growing clientele.