Whether you have long-term back issues, are recovering from a sporting injury or are part of a team of runners who have a long road ahead of them, Shep Sports Massage will get you back to rude health. Using deep tissue massage, muscle energy technique and soft tissue release via a holistic approach, Steve’s level of expertise enables him to identify issues clients are not fully aware of themselves.

Steve originally set up his clinic to aid recovery for people suffering from muscular pain and now specialises in sports and remedial massage therapy. He uses a variety of techniques to relax tight muscles and advises on strengthening exercises and stretches to provide a lasting solution to muscle problems.

His clients include dedicated athletes, those with physically demanding jobs, people with more serious health issues as well as those who just spend too long sitting behind a desk.

While continuing to develop his own unique set of skills, Steve and Shep Sports Massage is currently looking to expand by taking on practitioners specialising in other forms of soft-tissue therapy. Steve also provides a home visit service and discounts for those booking four or more treatments in advance.