Stall to Store is a lifestyle and gift store, born out of real life honest to goodness markets, curated by our parent company, Pexmas, in South East London. The shop sources products from market stall businesses we love and bring them together in one place, for you to discover.

Stall to Store works with the smallest of small brands. One or two people around the kitchen table; juggling their new idea around their day job, their family or their studies. Some of them have grown in the time we’ve known them, now with their own premises or at least online shops of their own. Others choose to stay super small, making and selling enough to fulfil a passion or pay for the school shoes. Most sit somewhere between, day by day making their small business dreams come true.

Stall to Store is here to represent a community of makers, and deliver for shoppers who are looking for out of the ordinary treats for their loved ones.