If made-to-order sportswear is your thing, then welcome to this high-end tracksuit brand that creates handmade, limited edition two-piece outfits made from quality fabrics. All Sturla wear is designed and made by Beatrice King who launched the brand in 2016.

Since opening the store, Sturla tracksuits have been featured in music videos and ad campaigns, such as Reebok’s new trainer release. Beatrice knows a thing or two about dressmaking, having worked at the atelier of the likes of Tom Ford and Russian fashion house Vilshenko – where friend and fellow Copeland-based designer Samantha Russell of TENS worked too.

While working for the label, Beatrice and Samantha decided they’d take what they’d learned and do it for themselves. Having viewed Holdrons Arcade on Rye Lane, they immediately took out a lease on one of the units and the two friends became dedicated style entrepreneurs.

The name Sturla comes from Beatrice’s great grandfather, who had owned a chain of pawnbrokers in Liverpool’s backstreets before meeting his wife. In another joint collaboration, the two opened a small department store named Sturla to roaring, local success. Today the name lives on in Sturla’s luxe, made-to-order sportswear. Panelled tracksuits and reflective thread and piping are signature features of the brand and you’ll find its current incarnation situated in Holdrons Arcade where it launched in November 2018.