If you want to walk around Peckham in bespoke, custom-made luxe streetwear then make TENS studio your first port of call. Established in early 2016, it sells unisex shirts, shorts, trousers and two-piece sets in unique, bright prints but what sets TENS apart is the unique design collaborations of embroidered and screen printed slogans that make their pieces, and therefore you, stand out.

TENS’ studio had a refit and reopened in Holdrons Arcade in early 2018. Founder Samantha Russell set up a sewing machine and offers a made-to-order service for original and customised tees, sweatshirts and jackets. Her custom-made, often handpainted, slogans are fun, witty and have a sense of place; a popular print is TENS’ Nike emblem with the word ‘South’ hovering over it instead.

No stranger to accessories either, TENS stocks London-based jewellery designers and makers such as Graham Sayle, Joe Holbrook and Lizzie King, and handmade leather cross-body bags made in Brixton’s Studio Kyodai.

In keeping with Copeland Park’s team spirit, the studio gets behind local events whether based in Holdrons, Copeland Park or beyond and is proud to get behind the #SupportYourLocals campaign. Samantha also co-organised a recent all-female designer-maker market at the Bussey, which encouraged people to support women in fashion and urged them to choose ethically-produced products in keeping with the #SayNoToFastFashion hashtag.

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Opening Hours

  • Wed-Fri 14:00-19:00
  • Sat 13:00-19:00


Find TENS Studio

Arcade U27
Holdrons Arcade,
135a Rye Lane,
Peckham. SE15 4ST


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