In Peckham, when a ‘thrown down’ is mentioned, it’s in reference to The Kiln Rooms, which comprises three open-access ceramics studios in the area. Members, at all practice levels, get a chance to take the pottery wheel and develop skills using a range of equipment. There’s a dedicated class area which hosts a range of classes for both complete beginners and enthusiastic hobbyists. In keeping with the community spirit, progress is actively encouraged and members are welcome to take part in shows.

Copeland Park initially gave the fledgling Kiln Rooms an opportunity to grow in Peckham and now other sites include Bellenden Road and Peckham Levels. This site is a stepping stone for those who have outgrown the open-access model but are not ready to work in isolation; it gives makers space, time and independence while providing support and keeping a strong sense of community. A bottle of wine can be shared as people are encouraged to work on techniques such as hand building, mould work, throwing, decorating and glazing.

The studios offer the equipment and tools necessary for any form of ceramics and boast large working areas and workstations. Members get to participate in two shows a year where dozens of artists, designers and potters showcase their works; evening + weekend classes are open to the public as well as members.

If members have any questions, The Kiln Rooms is led by Stuart Carey who has a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art and Ben Cooper who has a Masters in Arts Management and ran events / day to day operations at the Royal College of Art.