The Palace Of The Dogs is a platform that seeks to redirect the purpose of art in our society and document decolonial practices through arts and media. The collective, established in 2019, comprises of Danny Bailey (the founder), Vanessa Fisher, Kieran McGinn and Chia Phoenix. @ThePalaceOfTheDogs collective have since produced films, media, events and exhibitions to support our community black social political voice through creativity and now believe building a physical space in a fast changing community will PUT BLACK INTO THE COMMUNITY.

Since we have acquired our store-front/studio in Holdrons Arcade, we aim to put Black creativity back into a fast changing area.

In this space we’re aiming to continue the work we’ve done online physically; offering black artists/creatives photography/filming space and equipment, Podcast equipment, Gallery space, a shop front for black business owners to sell from and meeting room space, producing monthly exhibitions, panel discussions, music, poetry nights and workshops that not only make the arts accessible but a vessel for our black communities social/political voice.

Since the collective has been operating we’ve collaborated organisations such as Dope Black Queers, taught workshops to youth connected to Black Books Matter, contributed content for The Black British Theatre Awards and have presented work at The V&A. Our aim is to continue to make connections with like-minded organisations, making all avenues in art available to our community in order for us to have ownership over our narratives and create our own reality.