If you loathe bland, corporate gyms then Peckham’s first and only CrossFit box won’t have you running for cover. A training philosophy used by military and police forces around the world for good reason, CrossFit at The Yard draws upon a series of varied functional movements – taking in gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing etc. It prides itself on mastering mechanics, consistency and then intensity.

The Yard was opened in February 2014 by Zade and Gareth, who met at Goldsmiths bonded over a mutual love of rugby and longboarding. They believe CrossFit is a stand-alone sport but also an enabler, giving athletes better strength, endurance and self-awareness.

Being Cornish, Gareth has had a lifelong passion for surfing, hockey and knot tying whilst Zade was a keen rugby player and, in a previous guise, has worked at London’s leading creative agencies.

Fusing precision programming and team spirit, at The Yard Peckham people of all shapes and sizes can improve their strength and cardiovascular fitness in an encouraging environment. The Yard also offers pre and postnatal classes, CrossFit Kids and CrossFit specific yoga. More effective than a gym workout, CrossFit fits in with Peckham’s community ethos as people workout together – it’s as much about the joy of camaraderie as it is healthy competition.