Vintage Eyewear Pop Up has a wide selection of unused vintage spectacles and sunglasses. This stunning collection comprises of hand-made and unique frames that are ready to wear or have prescription lenses fitted.

Rae Jenkin started this venture in 2020 having been offered a temporary shop on Camden Passage during the pandemic, before popping up in Sheffield, and now at Holdrons Arcade.

Rae feels at home amongst all things Optical having grown up in her mother’s London Optician, where she and her sister tried on endless glasses and played with the test chart lights; as well as her father being an Optician and one of the few remaining Master Frame Makers. A generation before that her great grandfather started a London based manufacturing company producing eyewear and servicing binoculars for WWII.

Rae has a strong affection for South London having moved back from North London in the pandemic after discovering it years ago as a Goldsmiths student, and her paternal great grandfather was born in Peckham! Rae previously made and sold nipple tassels in the Burlesque world, and has tried her hand at frame making – the Peace and love frame, which she made with the guidance of her father, is displayed in the shop.

Rae is enthusiastic to be a part of an eclectic group of creative micro enterprises at the arcade.

Her real excitement lies in sourcing unique frames and assisting others in finding their dream pair.

Whatever you are looking for: classic: shape/design/colour or braver one-offs if you’re going for a Bootsy Collins/Elton vibe, you’re likely to find it here!