Walters Family School of Taekwondo was established in 2011 by Daniel Walters as an effort to share his lifelong passion for the martial art. Having studied taekwondo since the age of four, he accumulated over eight years’ coaching experience and competed in international tournaments but has now turned to sharing his training with others.

Based on a traditional Korean martial art, taekwondo requires extensive levels of discipline and self control to master. Part of the joy of learning taekwondo is to learn its way of life, based on the traditional philosophies that the martial art was founded on, which emphasises respect for others and respect for oneself.

Daniel focuses on the ‘family values and fighting spirit’ that he learned from the sport, deploying this style of practise to martial artists of all skill levels and ages, from a studio in the Bussey Building. Students also benefit by developing increased mobility, coordination, flexibility, speed, muscular endurance, basic overall fitness, use of kicking, punching, striking, blocking techniques, and a healthier mental well-being.

A family-run business, Walters Family School of Taekwondo is also passionate about supporting local communities by providing structured sporting sessions for people of all ages – students feel a sense of community and family within the school, and benefit from their own personal mentor to guide them.

In providing taekwondo lessons where students learn new things about the community in which they live, the school believes individuals fully discover who they are, what they’re capable of achieving, and what they can do as positive role models within the local framework.