Originating as a Facebook group in 2013, Wavey Garms garnered cult status as a one-stop shop for trading hard-to-find ‘80s and ‘90s streetwear. Inspired by the late 90s UK Garage scene, it is more than just a retail page; with 75,000 loyal followers and counting, Wavey Garms (Urban Dictionary translation: cool clothes) is now a sought after, major youth lifestyle community in the UK.

Co-founders Andres Branco and Gabrielle Roberts started Wavey Garms as a glorified hobby before it grew into a fashion phenomenon. Nostalgic for a time when clubgoers made an effort, where Gucci loafers and socks gave you cachet and Burberry print caps proved your street cred, they host nights and pop-up events, and offer a consultancy service – both of which have cemented Wavey Garms’ rep as a global lifestyle community. Take in the collaborations with huge players such as Nike, bespoke styling and creative direction on a host of projects and a coffee-table book – well, who are we to argue with their success?

Its bevy of rare Ralph Lauren shirts and second-hand Stone Island jackets even led Guardian fashion editor Morwenna Ferrier to say: “It’s now at the point of dictating what young people wear, ahead of even trend forecasters – it is the most influential fashion site in the UK.” Wavey Garms work with a number of up-and coming designers and illustrators to create limited edition prints and T-shirts with their infamous logo on – so be sure to snap one at this fun and buzzy Holdrons Arcade store.


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Arcade U15&17
Holdrons Arcade,
135a Rye Lane,
Peckham. SE15 4ST


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