With all the polarising opinions, conflicts and crises around the globe – such as the climate emergency, the decline in mental health, the rising popularity of right-wing politics in the UK and worldwide – fragmentation and disintegration are concepts that are ever more present in our lives.

DIS/INTEGRATION features the work of 23 second-year Photography students from London South Bank University. We are a diverse group of photographers from various parts of the UK and EU, India and across the world, and this diversity is reflected in the exhibition. The work we are exhibiting responds to and creates dialogues around the notion of disintegration and reintegration.

Come and join us on Tuesday 10th December for an evening of photography, guest speakers and free drinks!

As a collective, we are producing all aspects of the exhibition: we are designing and distributing our promotional material, curating the exhibition, organising a symposium with invited speakers, publishing a book of our work and organising a launch night. To do this we need to raise £2050. We need £1500 to rent the Copeland Gallery, and a further £550 for printed products such as posters, postcards and books.

Thanks to our own contributions and backing from our university, we have already raised £1500 – enough funds for the gallery space, and we are now launching this crowdfunding campaign to raise the remaining £550 needed to help us realise our vision.

Opening times

Open from 12:00 – 21:00 10th December
Symposium: 15:30 – 17:00
Launch Event: 18:00 – 21:00

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