Class Of: represents the 3rd-year class of painting and sculpture students at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL and is a showcase of their work. Although studying the specialties of painting and sculpture, there is a huge variation of medium from artist to artist expanding out to installation, performance and film.

Class Of: is a mid-year show giving us an insight to what these young artists are going to produce at their summer degree show. They are reaching out and taking risks which will impact their future in the art world, whatever path they choose to take.

One decade has come to an end and another one is just beginning, we are the new artists, creators, thinkers and makers of this decade. We are the class of today, tomorrow and yesterday. We are the class of :

Class Of: is an exhibition curated by:

  • Chelsie Coates –
  • Edie Flowers –
  • Lucy Calvert –
  • Nancy Tipler –
  • Paul Waters –
  • Yasmeen Thantrey –

Online catalogue with full list of artists and work:

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