The inception of our world was brought about by the amalgamation of the solar nebular elements, much like conception of life itself, that occurs by processes of cellular fusion. This metamorphosis from the immaterial to the material plane is one catalysed through energy; essential to all matter in existence, being omnipresent on all levels – atomic, subatomic and even further chemical fractals of these particles. Sustained division consequently leads us back to the immaterial, energetic plane to frequencies, to vibrations. We realise the very constitution of our consciousness, of our reality is composed of these frequencies.

Inspired by spiritual, phycological experiences, bio-ecological and quantum physical laws. Torresta engages the invisible, not only to be visible, but to be perceptible. It transforms the space as an electromagnetic field in which sound and light waves, integrate the being’s body, mind and soul into one resonant frequency. Torresta seeks to inspire awakening and re/connection to/with oneness. In this space, the being is grounded as these electromagnetic frequencies emanate and are articulated into the visible realm as colour and sound. These vibrations are felt throughout the space and internalised by the individual, resonating with and elevating their own frequency.

A process of transformation is happening inside this cosmic space: in 7 minutes, one conceives a deep connection to oneself. Here you can see it. You can feel it, can’t you? In this, I share my own vibration in the hope that you transcend your immediate consciousness and connect to your soul. This is a path to your essence, to your frequency. Are you ready?

Back Room Open Call

The twenty five successful artists from the Open Call will each host a week-long exhibition in the Back Room.

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