Soa J. Hwang

One of four winners of the Back Room Open Call.

I am thrilled to show my project < Time + Machine > in the Back Room this September and it will be an interactive multi-channel video installation. The project has begun with the question of how we can draw something as abstract as time. My primary interest lies in collaboration with a machine to draw something that wasn’t possible to draw before, and extending the experience of paintings for both artists and audiences.

< Time + Machine > consists of eight paintings and it is about time and the narratives that inevitably occur in the flow of time. Each painting concerns my personal observation of the different aspects of time: an absolute time as a value to represent the flow, time as a place to hold our memories and the duality of time which oscillates between infinity and ephemerality.

During the exhibition, the Back Room will be transformed into a series of immersive [Manipulated_Painting] and the paintings will respond to the presence of the audience. Using a depth camera to read the presence of the audience, each painting will have an algorithm to interact with the time that the audience would spend in the Back Room. I hope this new kind of experience would invite audiences to engage with the painting in their own time and narratives.‘

Back Room Open Call

The twenty five successful artists from the Open Call will each host a week-long exhibition in the Back Room from March to September 2020.

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