New curated 3-day vintage poster market, with leading specialist dealers. Shop iconic mid-century designs and affordable art treasures.

About this Event

We are delighted to announce the launch of Projekt Mkt – a 3 day vintage market dedicated to mid-century posters. The lovingly curated pop-up will feature leading poster dealers with original vintage poster collections covering a diverse range of styles and specialisms.

Within the 5 interconnected rooms of the large light gallery space, you will find recognisable classics of 20th century poster design from France, Poland, Britain, America, the Soviet Union and beyond. Browse and shop rare and iconic collector’s pieces alongside plenty of affordable treasures.

Vintage posters come in so many styles and cover so many subjects, there’s one out there for everyone! Fall in love with the incredible graphics, the stories and artists behind the posters and even their scars from the marks of time. Sustainable and soulful, there’s no better way to add personality and style to your home / walls.

Why are vintage posters so special?

Original vintage posters combine high visual impact and the imperfect beauty of lithographic printing with a soulful quality which is impossible to replicate. They were printed in strict runs to be displayed and were never intended to be kept as art. Those that have survive have been lovingly rescued along the way.

Posters were designed as functional items to promote an idea or event and so they had to quickly grab the attention of passers-by. Artists were always striving for impact and originality. They were constantly trying out new techniques, unafraid to push the boundaries of graphic design.

‘The combination of manual production processes, bold visual appeal and cultural and art historical significance achieved through the use of forward-thinking graphic techniques, contribute to the growing appeal of the poster, and explain why it holds a special place in the eyes of a collector’ says Sophie Churcher, ex Christie’s vintage poster specialist.

Confirmed dealers include:

  • Rock Paper Film | Rare + iconic Film and Music posters
  • Projekt 26 | Polish School of Posters
  • Twentieth Century Prints | Collectible Fine Arts + Exhibition posters
  • Chaleureuse | French ephemera inc. Health + Safety, Educational, Advertising posters + Maps
  • Travel on Paper | Travel, Tourism + Sports inc. Olympics
  • Cool Walls | Accessible Film, Music + more
  • Jerome Monahan | Soviet era posters
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