The duo exhibition ‘Reciprocal stories: moss and moth’ consists of two installation works about the almost invisible species that share our biosphere, focusing on Moss and Moths.

Destabilised Common Grounds (Nirit Binyamini Ben Meir) invites a deep engagement with a fascinating community – mosses that are uncompetitive, incredibly resilient, and respond instantly to their environment. Audiences influence the moss’ conditions and witness the implications in real-time through projections.

Through the Eyes of a Moth (Liina Lember) is a multimedia installation where the audience is invited to experience the representation of moth vision at night whilst pollinating the brilliant play of blue and white blooms. The human eye is inferior to many other species since it can perceive only a limited area of the light spectrum. For example, the invisible ultraviolet and polarised light are visible to moths and help them find blooms in darkness. The installation aims to question the limitations of human perception whilst encouraging care for the parallel other-than-human spaces and ways of being.

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