‘Brain Farts’ is an exhibition by illustrator Holly St Clair, a London based illustrator and lecturer at the University of the Arts London and Nottingham Trent University. Their practice explores themes of communication and miscommunication and the desire to be understood. In this exhibition, they particularly focus on struggles with OCD and a potential late Autism diagnosis as well as significant life events: marriage, death, illness, rabid dogs.

This installation features an installation of papier-mâché relief sculptures. It contains depictions of intrusive thoughts, obsessions and tics – nicknamed ‘brain farts’. The tone of voice is typical to Holly St Clair’s body of existing work. The audience is invited to laugh with the artist at the surreal and ridiculous anxieties. Full of colour and wit the pieces are curated to fill the box-like room, creating a physical manifestation of Holly’s internal space.

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