As part Make and Exhibition of Yourself, 2B Or Not 2B Collective will be hosting a one-off evening of Joan Miro-Inspired life drawing.

HYBRID SESSION: In Person and Live Streamed

**For online drawers you should receive the zoom link via Eventbrite email 1 hour, 10 minutes before the session and 10 minutes after the session has started for any late ticket purchasers.

**BONUS: A one week replay will be available to all ticket holders so that they can catch up on their drawings or finish at their own pace after the session.

What is Joan Miró famous for?

Joan Miró’s art changed throughout his career but often combined naturalism with abstraction. Some of his famous works are from the 1920s, when, under the influence of the Dadaists, Surrealists, and Paul Klee, Miró painted such “dream pictures” as The Birth of the World (1925).

Miró’s talents spanned all mediums, exemplified by his masterful skill in painting, printmaking, sculpture, and murals. He created an astounding body of work, including 2,000 oil paintings, 500 sculptures, and 400 ceramic objects. Miró was also one of the most prolific creators of original lithographs and etchings.

PART OF Make an Exhibition of Yourself

A series of affordable and accessible events that explore representing people.

Experiment with diverse creative experiences and materials;

  • Draw and/or be drawn at a wide range of life drawing events (models with and without clothing)
  • Make a zine, collage with fabric, create a recipe of yourself on canvas
  • Wear yourself out (represent yourself on a tote) – Take a nail art masterclass
  • Send yourself to a loved one (on a postcard)
  • And immerse yourself in innovative local fashion and film

Everybody is welcome, all abilities. We provide the materials… you provide the talent!

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