Part of Make an Exhibition of Yourself.

In this workshop you’ll be a creating a recipe. A recipe with ingredients that makes up the sum of your character. At the end of the workshop, you will have cooked up a portrait of yourself.

  • Introduction: Everyone introduces themselves in a circle.
  • Ice breaker / Warm up: Please pick 3 things to describe your essence.
  • Activity 1: Write down a recipe on how to be you.
  • Activity 2: Create a self-portrait of yourself using your recipe.
  • Reflection: Just like Master Chief, present your portrait and explain your process (recipe) to the group.
PART OF Make an Exhibition of Yourself

A series of affordable and accessible events that explore representing people.

Experiment with diverse creative experiences and materials;

  • Draw and/or be drawn at a wide range of life drawing events (models with and without clothing)
  • Make a zine, collage with fabric, create a recipe of yourself on canvas
  • Wear yourself out (represent yourself on a tote) – Take a nail art masterclass
  • Send yourself to a loved one (on a postcard)
  • And immerse yourself in innovative local fashion and film

Everybody is welcome, all abilities. We provide the materials… you provide the talent!

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